Where to go for Saturday Brunch in Richmond

Everyone knows where Sunday brunch is around Richmond, but Saturday brunch hours are a different story. If you are looking for a restaurant to enjoy Saturday brunch, I have 5 of my favorite places in Richmond for you in this blogpost.

Saturday brunch richmond
saturday brunch Richmond vA
  1. Quirk Hotel’s Restaurant: Maple & Pine – You can’t beat the ambiance at the Quirk Hotel on Broad Street in Richmond. From the pink hues to the tall ceilings, you will feel chic AF brunching at Maple & Pine. The menu is always changing but it always looks good to me. The last time I was in there (and hella pregnant) – it was phenomenal. The French toast, yes please. PS – This is also a great location for a baby shower. See for yourself here.
  2. Gersi : This cozy Italian restaurant started in Brooklyn, New York and opened a second location here in Richmond. Of course the Italian food is amazing but it’s double amazing that they are open for Saturday brunch. From French toast to eggs with Pomodoro, you can’t go wrong with this brunch spot. Oh and they have Macchiatos and Aperol Spritzes on the menu as well. Are you sold yet?
  3. Brunch : The name of this local restaurant in Richmond says it all, doesn’t it? Of course Brunch has Saturday Brunch in RVA. This restaurant has everything on the menu that your brunchy heart could desire – just make sure you have a reservation or get there early. This place is always swamped.
  4. Chairlift at Brenner Pass: Chairlift is one of Rebecca and I’s (if your new here, we do a blog together called The Crystal Press) favorite spots to go on a Saturday morning. It has a coffee shop feel with amazing coffee, wine, and food options. If you are hoping to snag brunch/breakfast on a Saturday at Chairlift, get there before 11:30 am. There are plenty of places to sit at this location but it is an order, then sit-down kinda place.
  5. Millie’s Diner: Millie’s is a staple Richmond brunch spot. It is always crowded, always an experience, and always delicious. When you drive by Millie’s during brunch hours, rest assured you will see people waiting outside for a table at this happening spot! If you haven’t been to Millies, I highly recommend it – but don’t expect to be in and out really fast. Millie’s is an experience that can’t be rushed. Oh, and get the Huevos Rancheros. They will knock your socks off.
brunch richmond va
Saturday brunch gersi richmond

I hope these suggestions for Saturday brunch in Richmond were helpful! Where is your favorite brunch restaurant? XO

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