Where to Get Your Blonde Hair Done in Richmond, VA

Looking for a trusted salon to get your hair done in Richmond, VA? Look no further than this blogpost, RVA!

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hair salons richmond va fashion blogAs a blogger, it is my job to try out different hair salons around Richmond, VA to tell my peeps (you guys!) reviews about where to go and which hair stylist to see so you can have a great experience at your own hair appointment. TBH: I get my hair done ALOT.  While I do get my hair done in other cities depending what zip code I am in or what photoshoots I have where, I get my hair done in Richmond most often. Lately I have been noticing that aside from the usual fashion questions, I have been getting questions about my platinum blonde hair so I wanted to start with addressing where to get your hair done in RVA.

I love a good cut but my biggest concern is usually my color – especially since going *all over* Platinum blonde. I am very particular about how I like the tones of my blonde to look and since my schedule is CRAZY – I am constantly working in to get my hair done where I can with the talented peeps in Richmond Va. Throughout my blonde and blunt haircut journey, here are my top 3 boss babe hair stylists:

Melody at The Hive Salon Studios – Melody and I have the best conversations. She gave me the most memorable hair color for my wedding day that I will never forget! I wasn’t doing an updo or anything with my hair for my wedding so my color was the star of the show. Melody made my dreams come true. Like seriously, people still talk about how good it was. She was the first lady to take my hair all over platinum and I tell ya what, she is a helluva a stylist who can get you super blonde while still protecting the integrity of your hair! Follow Melody on Instagram here and Hive Salon Studios here.

Sara at Avenue 42 – Rebecca and I did a collaboration with Ave 42 for The Crystal Press and I got paired with Sara for a haircut by a stroke of luck from the Universe. She  styled my hair EXACTLY how I like it – no questions asked. Not only do her blonde talents speak for themselves (she was a hair stylist in NYC before recently moving to RVA, see the photo from my 30th birthday shoot below + see her instagram here) but I always laugh so much when I am in her chair. Her personality is so spunky and we can always talk about the latest woo woo book I am reading! Follow Avenue 42 on Instagram here.


Nikki at Immortal Beloved – Like the other two stylists in this grouping, Nikki is a blonde magician and can be found at the new Immortal Beloved salon on Main Street. She gave me cool toned grey locks and a blunt cut that has turned so many heads! She started her hair styling career in Northern Virginia and just recently moved to Richmond. Her energy is infectious and I loved my experience with her and her assistant Drew! I can not get over how cool of a space Immortal Beloved is or how hospitable their team is. I had a great experience at this salon in RVA-  Follow Nikki on Instagram here. FYI for my DC peeps, Immortal Beloved also has salons near you! See Immortal Beloved on insta here.

If you are looking for a place to get your hair done in Richmond, VA look no further than Hive Salon Studios, Immortal Beloved, and Avenue 42! I will keep you guys updated on my hair journey but in the meantime, go visit these talented ladies. I hope I have answered some of your hair questions successfully! xo Cath

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