Where to Get A Hydrafacial & Botox In Richmond, VA

If you are in Richmond, Virginia and looking for a recommendation for preventative facial treatments (such as Hydrafacials, Botox, and Microneedling) or cosmetic facial surgery, look no further than Dr. Neil Agnihotri and his team at ACS cosmetic.

The Hydrafacial at ACS Cosmetics is beyond relaxing.

When it comes to treatments to my face, it is important that I find the best of the best. I met Dr. Neil Agnihotri at Common House a couple months ago and loved his energy. I am a firm believer that the vibes don’t lie and my experience at ACS cosmetic is proof!

Not only does Dr. Agnihotri have the education and experience on paper qualifying him to be one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Richmond, but he also provides a great patient experience. Whether you are looking for microneedling, filler, kybella, earlobe repair, botox, or a hydrafacial – I can’t recommend visiting him and his team for all of your cosmetic and preventative facial treatments. While most plastic surgeons operate on the whole body, Dr. Agnihotri focuses his expertise on just the face. Focus is key and is shown in his artistic approach to the face.

One of my favorite characteristics of ACS cosmetic that stood out to me was their way of making you feel beautiful. ACS cosmetic is up to date on all the latest and greatest treatments to improve the face of patients and they aren’t jaded by it. How do I know? Because I didn’t walk out of their with a treatment plan a mile long pointing out flaws I never knew I had, instead I walked out feeling more confident.

Dr. Agnihotri and his team at ACS cosmetic are a class act and I can’t recommend them enough! To book your appointment or consultation with them, click here. Follow ACS Cosmetic on Instagram here.

Xo, Cath


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