Wedding Wednesday: Striped Reception Decor

Happy Wedding Wednesday my little loves! I am so excited to start sharing tips and tricks I learned while planning and styling my wedding on Cathclaire. 

Do you guys create mood boards?One of my favorite things about creating visual content is the making the mood board for a project. I had tons of fun creating Pinterest boards for my inspiration and collaborating on them with my wedding planner, Lauren at For Love of Love, and my with wedding photographer, Kaytee Lauren. Fun fact: as a little girl outnumbered by seven brothers, scrapbooking and mood boarding with fashion magazines was my saving grace!

The common thread in all of the mood boards for the style aspects of my wedding day was bold black and white stripes. (In fact, bold stripes are a common thread in my home decor and my wardrobe also – more on that later.) From the ring bearers ring pillow to the table cloths, I wanted to juxtapose the vintage decor at my reception venue, Havanna 59 in Richmond, with a bold yet simple statement. One of my favorite parts of the decor were the letterboard signage, especially the one on the bar with one of my favorite quotes from Frida Kahlo:

“Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.”

To pay homage to the Cuban theme in Havanna 59, I chose to have clean palms as the florals, spray painted gold pineapples (yes, real pineapples..) and prayer candles as the minimal decor for the reception table tops. I love how these elements created the ultimate contrast to the somewhat busy decor of Havanna 59 and also created a Beverly Hills Hotel vibe. Can you tell I love California?

Since I had a traditional Catholic ceremony at St. Peter, I wanted to inject as many untraditional elements into the remainder of the wedding celebration as possible. I’m talking tons of dancing at the reception to a DJ and minimal interruptions of said dance party. After all, a wedding is a huge party with the people that you and your future husband love the most, why not make it the best dance party of all time? That being said, I didn’t want a sit down dinner or a traditional wedding cake. I opted for a buffet of yummy Cuban food before everyone was led upstairs for the dance party (that lasted until 2 in the morning…). Instead of a wedding cake, we had cupcakes from Pearls in Richmond topped with fun cupcake toppers from etsy. Etsy has the strongest cupcake topper game, I highly recommend searching there!

Being a blogger, photos are an integral part of what I share with you guys and my wedding is no different in that respect. Yes, my wedding is full of all of the feels (I cried the entire way down the aisle because I couldn’t believe the day had come that I got to marry my favorite dude on the planet) for the people in the photos and a day that I will never ever forget – but these photos are the perfect momento. To stay updated with the rest of my wedding photos and blogposts coming your way, subscribe to my mailing list to the left!


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