The Collagen I Use in My Morning Coffee

I added this to my daily regimen after having my first child a year and a half ago.

I had heard all the buzz about Vital Proteins Collagen and knew it was good for skin, joints, hair & nails - all things I needed postpartum. 

The easiest way to get these amazing nutrients as a new mom was to add it to my coffee daily.

Not only does this contain 10g of collagen peptipes per scoop, it also contains 9g of protein per scoop. 

This collagen will keep your gut happy and you fuller for longer! 

I healed quickly from giving birth and didn't experience any postpartum hair loss. I attribute both of these things to the female body AND Vital Proteins Collagen!

Needless to say, I have continued to use this product daily and have seen a great improvement in my weight, skin, and hair! 

I've tried several of the flavored collagen peptides but prefer the unflavored. This allows me to mix it into just about anything without tasting it! 

Pick it up at Target, some grocery stores, Amazon, or even !