The Easiest Way to Start a Blog in 2022

by cathclaire

And Generate More Abundance In Your Life

Creating an online brand & your own blog can be overwhelming with all of the options available to creators on the internet.  As a digital creator for over 7 years, I have learned a lot through success and through failures. Read on for my tried and true tips to launching a blog in the fastest & easiest way possible. 

Hi! I'm cathclaire: Women's Manifestation Guide and High Vibe Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger.

One of the subjects we all have questions about is abundance and how to attract more money into our lives. Here is how I met the Universe halfway and created more abundance in my own life. 

Do you have a story to tell, product review to share, travel tips to guide others, or overall good taste?  

Who am I kidding, of course you have good taste - that's why you are reading these tips from cathclaire.

Here are my tried & true blogging tips for making your blogging dreams come true. 

Blogging is a great way to make money on your own terms. Whether you like to travel or work from home, here are some simple tips to help you start a profitable blog online today.

First, pick a Niche that includes not only a subject you can infuse your personality into seamlessly but also one that solves a specific problem for potential readers.

The reason why people love to turn to blogs for advice is because bloggers tend to write as if they are talking to their friends. There is a informality about blog content that draws people in and makes people feel comfortable!

This is why I advise choosing a subject that aligns with your personality so that your readers can have a unique experience on your niche/subject when they come to your blog by feeling your unique voice.

I combined both of these two steps into one  because in my opinion, they go hand in hand. I prefer Bluehost web hosting because not only are they one of the biggest website hosting providers, but their user experience and support is 24/7 amazing. Not only that, but when you sign up for Bluehost – they provide a free domain of your choosing for a year.

Next up - choose a Functional & Aesthetically Pleasing Design for Your Blog by using Elegant Themes and Fiverr.

When I started my blog years ago, I had no experience with SEO, graphic design, or website building. The thought of building my own website to bring readers to my blog was OVERWHELMING to say the least.

Let me introduce you to my two friends (aka blog creation tools): Elegant Themes & Fiverr.

Elegant Themes is a theme service created by WordPress (my website of choice) that allows you to purchase a “theme” (a design for your new blog), download a zip file and upload it into your wordpress dashboard to use as the design for your blog. Themes save thousands of dollars on website creation and are a great, affordable tool when you are first starting out.

The importance of delegating tasks in the information age is growing everyday and Fiverr not only makes this possible, but makes it affordable. Whether you are looking for help with your SEO or a professional logo, Fiverr can hook you up with a freelancer that is in your budget. I am talking as little as $10 dollars for a logo!

Just head to this online marketplace for freelancers, search what you are in need of, and Fiverr will populate freelancers that are capable of solving your problems. DO not forget to read the reviews and check how many orders freelancers you are interested in have done. These are great metrics that Fiverr provides, especially important when you are hiring/working with someone for the first time!

Now that you have picked a niche, a domain, web-hosting, a theme/design for your blog, & used fiverr for any other elements of your blog you need to finish before launching – YOU ARE SET TO CREATE CONTENT! This is the best part.

Don’t just throw out content and see what sticks, because this could mean waiting months to turn a profit. Do research on your niche. Reach out to brands you want to work with. Don’t be afraid of the the NO. Research keywords in your niche. Do your best to create as much value as you can in your new content and to do your due diligence (SEO, keywords, blogpost title research) so that the people that need your expertise can find you.

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