How to Manifest with the New Moon

by cathclaire

The phases of the moon have always been fascinating to me. 

Over the past couple of years, I have really enjoyed learning about the phases of the moon and how to harness the natural power of the two most well known moon phases: the new moon and the full moon. During these two phases, the energy of the moon is most felt.

Mother moon affects the ocean tides, the growth of plants, and (among other things) human beings with her energy.

While a full moon’s energy is about completion and lights up the sky, a new moon’s energy is about beginnings and not visible in the night sky. The new moon is not visible on Earth because it is right between the sun and Earth

Get out your journal during the new moon (occurs approximately every 29 days) and get clarity on what you want within this moon cycle. Plant the seeds for an upgrade in your life and harness this energy to manifest. 

 A new moon is a great time to visualize and meditate about your future. I can’t say it enough. Get clear and start asking for what you want on the new moon loves!