The Best Designer Tote Bags for Fashionable  Moms

by cathclaire

I know this because I have been in your shoes. I scoured the internet for the perfect designer bag that will hold all the trappings of motherhood!

Here are the top contenders for best designer tote bags for fashion moms.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM: This tote bag is ridiculously durable for a bag made of mostly canvas - not to mention, super easy to wipe off when the kids get a hold of it or we happen to spill wine.

This bag holds up so well, it is one I would recommend getting secondhand if you are interested in the style and in saving a couple hundred dollars on the price tag.

This YSL bag comes in several different sizes and I would recommend the large for all of the motherhood essentials to fit in your sac du jour bag. I have the smaller one (pictured above) and wish I had the bigger size for this very reason!

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