Platinum Blonde Haircare with NYM

by cathclaire

Taking care of blonde locks is no easy feat but I will say, NYM’s blonde moment line makes it as easy as it is going to get.

Easy on your schedule and easy on your bank account – this hydrating purple shampoo and conditioner keeps your blonde hair brass free

Depending on how cool toned you prefer for your hair to be, you can use these products every time you wash your hair or intermittently throughout the week.

I use these NYM products as often as possible – blonde moment shampoo, blonde moment conditioner, and my secret weapon: Leave In Seal + Protect.

I love to apply this product in the mirror because you can pay special attention to areas that might be showing a little more brassiness than others for whatever reason!

If you are a purple shampoo junkie like me and always on the hunt for the best one, look no further than NYM’s Blonde Moment Purple Shampoo! Scoop it at your local Target.