Nécessaire: Clean Skin Care Worth the Hype

by cathclaire

Nécessaire is a skin & body care brand that is clean, effective, and pH-optimized.   

Their body lotion is moisturizing and fast absorbing. 

Not only does The Body Lotion leave your skin feeling fresh without being too oily, but it also is rich in vitamins such as B3, C, E, Omega-6, & Omega-9. 

Nécessaire uses their business to make a positive environmental impact.  

For example, their packaging is from 100% recyclable materials and no virgin paper is ever used.

Their product I went through the fastest was The Body Wash in Bergamot.

It is also rich in the same vitamins as The Body Lotion and has a rich lather for an elevated shower experience!

Their products range from $20-$30 dollars and also include: hand cream, deodorant, body oil, & exfoliators.

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