Best Workout in Richmond, VA: The Hot Yoga Barre

by cathclaire

I have tried several different workouts throughout my life and my favorite by far in Richmond, VA is The Hot Yoga Barre. 

The Hot Yoga Barre has two locations. One in the Willow Lawn Shopping Center in Richmond and one in Midlothian.

This studio offers heated yoga, barre, and burn classes. Burn is cardio interval training. 

The key word is hot. The hot yoga barre isn't a heated room in the way most studios are, it is heated with infrared heat. Infrared heat has many benefits for our bodies. 

Infared heat can increase circulation, metabolism, and detoxifies your body.

My favorite class is hot barre blast, which a 45 minute class that is a blend of ballet and pilates with sporadic cardio intervals!

Every time I leave The Hot Yoga Barre, I feel euphoric and rejuvenated. 

A drop in class is $25 dollars, which may seem steep to some. Just remember that you are not only getting a great workout, but basically an infrared sauna session in one! 

It's worth every penny in my opinion!

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