How to Work with Celebrity Mindset Coach, Laura St. John, For $30 Bucks a Month

The blank slate of a new calendar year, a new month, or new goal comes with an invigorating feeling of possibility.... but, once the novelty and motivation wears off - we are left with a lot of pressure and overwhelm.  

As I've grown in my own life, one thing I am sure of is that motivation is fleeting. Yeah sure, it's easy to muster up with the mental freshness of the New Year, but what happens when it isn't? As time passes, the year is no longer new - it's just the familiar date on my to-do list, my calendar, or a date I write in my journal.

With this in mind, how can we make sure that we aren't the reason the gyms are crowded in Jan but as each month passes, are dwindled back to the same crowd of the prior year? Even if fitness isn't on your resolution list, this predictable trend that happens year after year can be a metaphor for your goals for 2023

How can we protect our resolutions and be more consistent in 2023 without depending on fleeting motivation ?

I've tried the 2 hour + long morning routine route (meditate, read, workout, breathwork, stretch, yoga etc) and while it was invigorating, it was not sustainable for my lifestyle. I am goal oriented but also a lady of leisure who enjoys spontaneity once in awhile.

I like to do a year in review so that I can revisit precious memories with gratitude but also so that I can see what works for me and what doesn't. Whether it be certain meditations, books, coaches etc - I keep a detailed log of what I participate in daily for this very purpose: to do more of whats working AND to share it here so you can benefit as well.

After digging deep into my year in review, I realized my life and goals were most in alignment when I was working with a celebrity mindset coach named Laura St. John.

While Laura has been featured on Netflix and Access Hollywood and is popular among celebrities, influencers, and athletes, she has recently made her coaching available to people like you and I. And not only is it available, but it is amazingly affordable. There are 3 ways to work with Laura St. John and the pricing starts at $30!

Laura's approach to manifesting and coaching is so practical not only is it reassuring, but it can be applied in your life right now. Working with her has been described as "feeling like being handed a winning lottery ticket" by Vanessa Villela from Selling Sunset and I have to agree. 

Having an influential coach in your inner circle has proven for me to be the best way to hold the bar for my dreams by giving me perspective, support, and exercises that keep me from depending on fleeting motivation.

I hope this post gave you not only perspective on the new year, but also a transformational tool that will help you make the most of your dreams. As always, thanks for reading <3

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