How to Manifest Success on Social Media 

Does social media make you feel hyper-connected, scared to step into your true self, and like a chronic people pleaser wishing for more follows, likes, & “making it” ?  

In this google story, I will teach you how to use your energy to manifest your success on social media.

There is a social media platform for everyone. Instead of trying to be on ALL of them all the time, find one (or a few) that work for your personality. 

The like button on most social media platforms can be addicting and cause you to post for likes instead of for quality content. This can turn you into  a "people pleaser."  

This is important because if you are posting for likes and not posting what your soul is nudging you to post, your people on the internet won't be able to find you! 

You can take every SEO, Instagram, and Blogging class (check my blogging class out here) under the sun but until you master your energy – you will feel like a victim to information and strategy.

Instead of looking outside of yourself for validation (people pleasing), take a step inward and realign yourself with your intuition. This not only empowers you but also helps you post & engage on social media more confidently in YOUR TRUTH! As a result, your people who need your voice, talents, and truth will find you.

Get into alignment first, post on social media second. If you want to learn more about my tips on manifesting and stepping into your dream life, sign up for my “Manifest with Cathclaire” waitlist here.