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How To Get the  PERFECT Beachy Wave for Summer



Wash your hair with your fave shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to get all remnants of product out. I recommend a clarifying shampoo like Kristin Ess.

Use Blow Dry Brush 


Use a blowdry brush tool to minimize frizz while you begin blow drying you hair.

Use Regular Blow Dryer on Your Roots 


On the highest heat setting, use your blow dryer to get your roots dry as possible. This will make your blow out last longer & add volume to your style.

Go Back Over Hair with Blow Dry Brush Tool


This will smooth any frizz created from the high heat of your blow dryer and prep your hair for glossy beach waves.

Use 1 inch Curling Wand


Curl your hair away from your face and leave your ends straight.

Spray Dry Shampoo at Roots


This acts as a preventative measure for making your blowout last longer and soaking up any future oils from the day!

Take a Selfie 


Last but not least, take a selfie to document you masterpiece.  Don't forget to run your fingers through your hair for the perfect "undone" look!

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