How to Dress Like the Luckiest Girl You Know

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Lucky Girl Syndrome is running rampant and we hope you catch it. While Lucky Girl Syndrome is primarily a mindset, your personal style is an outward expression of your attitudes, personality and mindset. Tap into your inner Lucky Girl with the following tips.  

A Signature, Lucky Scent

Putting on perfume is a ritual I don't talk lightly and having a lucky scent can take your style (and day) from 0 - 100 with a few sprays. Find a scent that represents your goals and dreams so that when you spray it, you can use your sense of smell to anchor into your motivations and your future. Getting dressed to work from home?  Spray your perfume anyways. It's for you and the vibes, lucky girl.

A Style Uniform for Your Future

A style uniform is the most effective way to build a closet that will stand the test of time and take you into your lucky future. When building your style uniform, consider not just where you are presently- but where you are going. What does future you feel confident wearing? What is she doing in her lucky future?

Lucky Girl Denim

Invest in a pair of high quality and tailored jeans that will last and be versatile. Investing in a great pair of jeans will not only look great but will also be more durable. Click the link below to shop my favorite denim brand. 

An Oversized Blazer Fit for Luck

A great pair of jeans and an oversized blazer is a great combination for the various outtings  of a lucky girl. Whether you pair it with a casual tee or dress it up with a textured fab top, this combo can take you from day to night. It won't take you long to get ready when opportunity knocks on your door!

A Chic Tote To Fit All of Your Luck

Add a chic tote bag to your uniform that has room to carry all of your daily necessities and a couple of accessories in case of a change in plans (is that opportunity I hear knocking?), and you are set for a week of lucky girl syndrome.

Lucky Girls Listen to Subliminals

Like we said,  Lucky Girl Syndrome is a mindset and when it comes to all things mental, your mental diet can be beneficial or harmful. Lucky Girls listen to intentional, elevating subliminals in music and meditations. There are some great playlists on Spotify that you can listen to with these chic headphones running errands or play throughout your day at home

I hope this style edit for lucky girl syndrome helped you look at your personal dressing ritual in a new light. Here is to your luckiest season yet!   

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