The Best Pajamas For Your Beauty Sleep

Daily Sleeper

Daily Sleeper has one of the most comfortable and high quality pajama sets on the market. 

My favorite Daily Sleeper pajama set for a good night of beauty sleep is the Party Pajama Set with Double Feathers in Black.

Made of 100% Oeko Tex 100 viscose and adorned with feathers.  

The feathers are detachable for better garment care.

Whether you are having a slumber party, going out on the town, or in the mood for a good night sleep - these pajamas are IT.

Sometimes I even wear the top separately with denim bottoms to spice up my everyday outfit.  

This pajama set rings in at $320 but has multiple uses to justify the investment. 

Daily Sleeper can be found on their website and Net-a-Porter. Hurry, they always sell out!