"Using Beauty products at night consistently not only is great for my skin but also is a great self-care practice for me as a mother! "

1. Facial Spray: From rosewater to stone crop, I always have a moisturizing spray by my bed. 

2. Hand Cream: I always apply a layer of hand cream before going to bed to lock in moisture on my cuticles and hands.

3. A Lip Mask: From Tatcha to Laniege, I always apply a lip mask before bed so I wake up with moisturized lips.

Another lip mask I love is from ILIA. They are more than a normal lip gloss but do more work to keep your lips hydrated!

4. Last but not least, I keep my brush next to my bed. I used to wake up with lots of knots in my hair so a quick brush before bed has made all the difference!