7 Tiny Tattoo Ideas for Women

by cathclaire

Putting something permanently on your body is a big decision. I have been getting tiny tattoos for about 10 years, so you could say I have built up quite the collection. Whether you are looking for tiny tattoo ideas or just curious about what mine mean, read on!

My first tattoo is a symbol of divine feminine energy and is an M with a cross on top of it. This symbol is on the back of the Miraculous Medal with the Mary on it.  

I got it while in college at Virginia Tech and yes, it is in the same place as Kate Moss' anchor tattoo. 

My second tattoo is of a lambda on my foot and while this has several meanings, in this instance it means energy that defies gravity. 

I got this one with one of my best friends in Charleston, South Carolina. 

The third tattoo I got is on the inside of my wrist, the opposite arm of my first tattoo, of a tiny triangle.

This symbol represents impossibility to me. I always think of the Egyptian pyramids when I look at it and the fact that no one knows how the pyramids were actually built. I love this sense of defying the odds that this triangle represents to me.

Aside from having eleven people in my family, I also love how the two ones are mirrors of each other. This is a constant reminder that we don’t see things as they are, we seem them as WE are.

The fifth tattoo I got is my biggest one and it is “joie de vivre” written in my personal script on my left arm. This saying means “joy of life” and is a tattoo I got after I attended my first Dr. Joe Dispenza workshop in December of 2016.

His teachings took my life to the next level, opened my heart so much, and this tattoo is the perfect reminder that joy is a muscle that requires work and not something that just “happens” to you.

I hope to embody this saying and bring this energy into every room I walk into!

The sixth tattoo I got with my husband on our honeymoon . We got matching circles on the inside of our left wrist .

The circle represents a never ending bond and the vortex of energy that our thoughts are constantly creating for our joint life together. Such a great reminder that your thoughts create your reality and of our life we are building together.

My latest tattoo, I got with my best friend on our 30th birthday. It is a viking symbol that means "create your own reality."

Do you see the theme with my tattoos yet? <3 

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