5 Tips to Harness the Power of the New Moon in Aries

by cathclaire

The New Moon always brings a semblance of fresh new energy into our months, but this New Moon in Aries is bringing us the gift of renewing energy on steroids.

I have been chatting with my close friends about how invigorated I have been feeling since the astrological new year (March Equinox – a couple of days ago) and the thought of that feeling coupled with more *new me new moon* vibes on this Aries New Moon on April 1 has me PUMPED UP & INSPIRED.

As a reminder, the New Moon occurs when the Earth, Moon and Sun are aligned and energetically speaking, it is a great time to take action to get into alignment with your future self, your dreams, and your goals.

Read on to learn 5 simple tips to make the most of this potent new moon energy!

1. Finish as many open projects as you can before this New Moon on April 1st. Clear out your inbox, tie up lose ends, and knock out those pesky to-dos you keep putting off in your schedule.

If this sounds more like a Pinterest quote you scroll right past and less like an actionable tip, I am especially talking to YOU darling.

You know, those seemingly impossible desires that you don’t even allow yourself to say out loud in fear of looking silly or in fear of being judged as a beginner.

Think of this new moon as a springboard for your new, dreamy endeavor.

BRAINTAP: It helps you achieve balanced brainwave states that are necessary for optimal brain and body function. It is a great habit to start doing consistently on a new moon!

I hope these tips for the new moon helped you realize your own true potential in one way or another. Never forget how worthy you are of your dreams and if you do, you can always come back to this cathclaire community for a reminder.

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