5 Reasons to Drink Celery Juice

by cathclaire

I have been drinking celery juice regularly for awhile now and not only can I see a noticeable difference on days I don’t drink it – but I CRAVE it

The celery juice craze was started by the Medical Medium and he recommends 16 oz on an empty stomach.

Let's look at the 5 benefits of drinking celery juice in the next few slides!

1. Improved Focus

2. Improved Digestion: When celery juice is consumed in the morning, the natural sodium content of the vegetable juice raises your stomach acid. This helps your body break down your food in a more effective manner, especially proteins. 

Proteins are broken down into amino acids, which are the precursors of neurotransmitters, hence – the improved focus mentioned previously.

3.Reduced Bloat: When your body is digesting and breaking down your food in an improved manner, this reduces fatigue and bloat.

5. More Energy: Whether you lack energy due to adrenal fatigue, lack of focus, or poor digestion – celery juice is magical in all these categories. It not only supports your adrenals, but it also supports your liver. The natural occurring sodium (think natural electrolytes) and vitamins in celery juice improve the overall function of chi (energy) in the body and set you up with lots for your day!

Most of these benefits derive from the Medical Medium and as you all know, I am not a doctor. If you want more information, check out his book Liver Rescue.