5 Misconceptions About How to Start A Blog

by cathclaire

Why is that? 

Read on to save yourself time & energy because I am sharing  5 lessons I’ve learned on How to Start a Blog that is successful and built to bring you purpose AND $$$ profit.

My name is Cathclaire and I have been freelance writing and running two successful blogs for almost a decade. I host a podcast called "Manifest with Cathclaire" featuring thought leaders of our time, mentor other digital creators, and am a manifesting coach guiding others towards their desires.

Had these digital creations of mine not come into existence, I feel certain that I would have spent much more time thinking about starting them over the course of the past 10 years than I have spent starting &  working on creating and sharing my work with the world.

Warren Buffet

20 mins of doing something is more valueable than 20 hours of thinking about something

Which brings me to my first misconception about how to start a successful blog : #1: You Have to Be Ready To Start

My only regret with creating my digital content online is that I wish I had started sooner instead of listening to that little voice of doubt in the back of my head! 

#2: You Have to Be An Expert TO start a Blog: The nice thing about blogging is that it is virtually a permission-less career. But that means that you need to stop waiting for permission from someone or some circumstance and have the gumption to give yourself the permission to start your blog.

For a lot of people, this requires reminding & ridding of the excuse that you do not have to be an expert. Take pride in your beginning (considering so many people don't EVER start their blog) and and share your progress to becoming more well-versed in your favorite subjects with the online world. Not to mention, also making income. 

If you can train yourself to keep your focus on creating digital content consistently with what truly interests you and service valued at the center – even while no one is clapping – you will not only get better at it but the people who need you will be able to find you. 

When I shifted from posting about mostly fashion to mindfulness/manifesting, I lost followers initially. Fast forward a couple of years and now it is my highest performing content bringing 400k impressions to my site and building a strong community on social media. 

This question is something I urge you to contemplate because once you shine a light on this desire (to go viral) that you could blindly become a slave to, you free yourself from the shackles of social media algorithm and fleeting trends. If you prioritize going viral over staying true to yourself, you will put in all the work chasing trend.

But when you do go viral with this strategy, not much will happen because the people who finally see your work won’t know what to do with it or worse, won’t know if they should stay around to find out. Focus on building your content around what you want to share so that when you do go viral, what you’ve built will comfortably host your growing online community.

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