5 High Vibe Habits to Start on a New Moon

by cathclaire

The new moon, which occurs every 29 days or so, is a great time to start new, high vibe habits to improve your life. Each of these high vibe habits have improved my personal manifesting practice, my mental health and my energy for the better.

Each habit is as efficient as it is almost effortless so that you can add them into your busy life and reap the high vibe benefits. Try for yourself!

Remember, when you take the time to take care of yourself, you are taking care of those around you as well. You show up better for everyone in your life AND these changes can be contagious.

It helps you achieve balanced brainwave states that are necessary for optimal brain and body function. It is a great habit to start doing consistently on a new moon!

Putting Things Back in There Place: I love having my home and office space organized and tidy, but it is hard to always take the time to put things back in there place. On the new moon, I love getting even more specific about where my belongings are going to live in my home so that I can be more consistent with staying organized.

This not only frees up mental energy in my brain but also allows energy to flow through my home in a much more harmonious way. I love to get organized on the new moon with The Container Store and some (pretty) organization solutions on Amazon.

Listen to Kelly Howell Sleep Meditation: Try listening to this meditation for 29 days and watch what happens! It is MAGICAL!

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