3 SKIMS Products Worth the Hype For Fashionable Moms 

Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian has made quite the splash with SKIMS since the company's launch in 2018. From the SKIMS viral dress the internet can't get enough of to the insanely effective "next generation" shape wear and underwear, it is hard to ignore the brand's products as they begin to speak for themselves.  

In the past, I was one of the people that didn't jump on the SKIMS train. Don't get me wrong, I found myself on the SKIMS website multiple times since it's launch but whether my size was out of stock or I wasn't vibing with the current available products - it took me until now to dip my toe in the SKIMS brand.

The first SKIMS product for the fashionable mom is this long slip dress. It's flattering, comfortable, and versatile. Not only will you look and feel amazing wearing this, you can chase your kiddos around and bend down comfortably!

Whether you want to throw a t-shirt on over the SKIMS Dress or style it with your favorite duster, this is a great dress for a mom who loves a capsule wardrobe or who loves a fabulous staple! 

I did a styling series with this SKIMS dress, to check it out - find cathclaire on the LTK app below. 

Next up for the 3 Skims Products for fashionable moms is a product I do not leave my house without: the sculpting bralette. *wearing in this pic*

After trying on the sculpting bra with the form fitting black dress, I knew I needed at least 2 more of the sculpting bras. My mind was completely blown that a $32 dollar bra could make my boobs look & feel that good with no underwire OR random bulges.

Ever since having my son Phoenix, my boobs changed and bras have become somewhat of a nemesis. I had become very accustomed to feeling disappointed with most bras on the market.   

I cannot get over how this SKIMS bra snatches me in all the right places, gives such a lovely shape, and gives great pushup without the boobs to your-chin-kinda feeling.

I love this bra even under sheer tops. I am wearing it here for dinner at Primland Resort. Full video is on my Instagram @cathclaire <3. If you follow me, send me a dm. I'd love to connect with fellow mommas!

I even wear this bra to low impact workouts such as yoga and pilates, and have been so impressed. This SKIMS sculpting bralette fits like a glove and is fabulous under a t-shirt or under form fitting pieces. I am a 34 DD and ordered a L/XL for reference.

Last but not least, we have the magical wardrobe addition that is the SKIMS body suit. Such a great piece that is flattering (a theme for all of these Skims pieces) and you don't have to worry about tucking in!

I hope you enjoyed the 3 Skims Products Worth the Hype for Fashionable Moms and that it elevates your wardrobe or buying decisions in some way! XO, Cathcliare

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