3 Amazon Fashion Dresses Under 40 Bucks

by cathclaire

I ordered 3 dresses from Amazon for the first time and here are the results!

I usually choose a neutral color palette when it comes to my wardrobe and surprisingly, I loved that amazon had so many color options!

I love the material of this first dress and the tiered ruffles.  It comes in so many different colors!

Next up, we have this linen-ish style green dress. 

The sleeves make it seem more fashion forward than I was expecting!

If I had to pick a favorite out of my Amazon haul, it would be this slinky black dress. 

I love the material, a good black dress, and the fact that I can wear it during any season. 

Each of these dresses came quickly via Amazon Prime which is always a plus. Do note that they will need to be steamed well before wearing!