Virtual Christmas Card with Petite Plume

Christmas cards from our family didn’t go out this year but we made a virtual Christmas card with the best matching Christmas jammies around, Petite Plume. How good are these matching robes on Phoenix and Kev? It melts my heart every time I look at these photos!

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Merry, merry Christmas from our family to you & yours! Surprise, I didn’t get Christmas cards out this year but I figured it would be fun to do a virtual Christmas card for you guys!

2020 has been a whirlwind for just about everyone on planet Earth and we are no exception! I started out 2020 with a baby bump and sweet Phoenix was born on March 3, 2020 (one week before COVID mandates started rolling out). He has been our saving grace throughout this crazy year. There is nothing like watching life through his eyes, from countless trips to the Outer Banks this summer to the magic of Christmas. I have a feeling he was the inspiration to getting our Christmas tree up by November 1st, hehe.

We moved into our first house in February, a month before Phoenix was born, so we are no strangers to home projects! We are so grateful that amidst the importance of staying home in 2020, we have a little safe haven in Richmond to make our own. Kevin and I have really been enjoying slowly but surely intentionally picking out furniture and decorating our home! You can see parts of the journey here , here, and here.

When we are at home, we love to go on walks around the neighborhood with the little guy and have cozy fires in our back yard. We see lots more of that in 2021. Oh, and a kitchen renovation! We have high hopes for 2021 and hope that you do, too. Love you all and wishing you more joy than ever this year and into 2021.

XO, Catherine + family <3


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