Transition to Fall with Doc Martens

Transition to fall by adding a pair of Doc Marten boots to your next outfit. These boots add the perfect fall vibe to any outfit, even ones from your summer wardrobe.

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Last weekend, we had a very relaxing weekend on the Rappahannock river. I don’t know about you, but I have a special place in my heart for rainy and overcast days on any body of water. Being on the water is always relaxing, but switching sunny days up with some gloomy weather takes it up to the next level for me. As you can see in these outfit photos, the weather was especially overcast and the temperature wasn’t quite cool enough to wear a full on fall fashion ‘fit.

Whenever the temperatures are not quite cool enough for a full fall outfit, I love to pair boots with jean shorts. In fact, I am a sucker for a good pair of jean shorts all year round and invest in a new pair yearly that I wear way too much. It’s snowing outside? Great, I’ll wear my jean shorts with tights. You get the picture.

This year, I snagged a high waisted pair of One Teaspoon bandits and they have been my outfit BFF for months!

I love these vegan leather Doc Martens, especially because they are blacked out.

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Back to the boots – these blacked out, vegan leather Doc Marten boots knocked this outfit out of the park and paired with a duster sweater, gave the perfect element of fall to an otherwise summery outfit. I usually steer away from flat boots in general but these puppies have changed my mind! I am still amazed by how these Doc Martens elongate my legs .

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