The Product that Took My At-Home Manicure to the Next Level

At-home manicures have become my new normal with a little one at home and getting to the nail salon becoming increasingly more difficult. This product took my manicures to the next level!

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I have been painting my own nails for what feels like eons. I grew up watching my Mom, Grandmas, and Aunts painting their nails and quickly decided I was old enough to paint mine at a young age. Of course I have been through phases were I have done gel religiously. And then dip nails. But with covid and having a little one at home, going to the nail salon isn’t my number one priority as you can imagine.

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Even though I have a couple of years on her, my sister is the at-home nail painting queen. Her nails are ALWAYS pristine so I trust what she tells me to do to make my pristine, too. Her latest tip? Nail oil before you apply polish.

When she told me this, I was mind blown. I’ve always been told that the nail surface needs to be as dry as possible in order for the polish to stick properly. Well folks, I’ve been using nail oil before polish for weeks now and have to say, I am seriously impressed. I purchased a rose nail oil from Target and put it on in between manicures as well. It makes me feel so fancy!

Do you use nail oil? If so, have you heard this tip of using nail oil before applying polish? Give it a whirl and let me know, bbs. Xo, Cath

PS: Don’t forget to finish your manicure with my other secret weapon, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. It makes doing your nails at home quick and worth it.

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