The Procrastinator’s Guide to The Solar Eclipse

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Raise your hand if you are a procrastinator!

If you’re like me, you may have been procrastinating preparing for this solar eclipse. Everybody interprets the significance of natural events like this differently but I wanted to share three simple things that I am doing on the day of the solar eclipse to make the most of this powerful energy shift and natural phenomenon.

The solar eclipse is a strong energy shift and whether you are into this kind of thing or not, it can be the perfect opportunity to plan a day that is (a little more) intentional and acknowledges those goals you have been putting on the backburner. Here are 3 simple things I am doing tomorrow for the Solar Eclipse and don’t worry, they are procrastinator friendly!

1. Wake up a little earlier and with a childish excitement. Don’t expect this sense of excitement to drop out of the sky but do expect to be able to cultivate this feeling in a couple of minutes through gratitude. If you wake up and feel like you can’t generate the feeling of excitement for the day you have ahead of you- start recognizing what you are grateful for. Today is going to be a day full of strong energy pulls and I mention this because it is up to you to decide which way this energy will pull you. How do your best days usually start? My best days start with a list of what I am thankful for and a meditation guided by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Make it a priority to start your day of the solar eclipse on a good note to set the tone for the day and get this energy generating in a direction that is beneficial!

2. A solar eclipse in a new moon hasn’t come around since 1918 (yes, that is 99 years ago!) and I don’t know about you, but experiencing rare events like this have a tendency to make me want to reflect. Seeing such a cool natural occurrence reminds us that we are part of a much larger Universe and gives a hell of a perspective if you let it. This is the perfect opportunity to look at your life’s purpose and take an inventory of what you are doing to contribute to your purpose and what you are doing to ignore it. Take a couple of minutes to revisit your goals, short-term and/or long-term, and decide how you can put habits into effect to achieve them more rapidly. Keep these ideas in your mind as the day progresses and if you have time, write them down.

3. Last but not least, take a couple of moments to engage in some creative expression after the solar eclipse occurs in your city. For my fellow Richmonders, the solar eclipse is happening around 2:40 PM. Whether you are experiencing it on a roof at The Quirk Hotel or have the ability to feel the shift at your desk at work, take note of what you experienced during this rare time on our planet. Whether you like to dance, paint, or write, creatively express or document this experience for yourself. Personally, my go-to is writing and that is what I plan to do after the solar eclipse happens in RVA tomorrow. Creativity is a great way to tap into our spirituality and this solar eclipse is a very opportune time to do so despite our busy schedules. In the age of social media where we document everything else, why not document how we feel about such a rare and magical phenomenon?

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Regardless of how you experience the solar eclipse tomorrow, I think the biggest thing to take away from this event is that darkness may come but light always cycles back into our lives and in the sky. How are you going to solar eclipse tomorrow? 

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