The Maternity Fashion Hack: The Third Piece Rule

Maternity fashion and dressing the baby bump can be tricky. Body parts are changing, your bump is ever growing (slash glowing), and getting dressed becomes a different task. When I noticed my tendency to dress with the “third piece rule” in mind while styling my bump, maternity fashion become more of a focused adventure than a frazzled to-do. Let the third piece rule take your pregnancy fashion journey from tricky to oh-so-simple.

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So, what is the third piece rule? It is relatively simple and easily applied to fashion. Your pants and top are your first and second pieces (or if you are wearing a maternity dress, let’s count that as two pieces because after all, it is a skirt and a top lol,) and your third piece is an additional outfit element such as a jacket, blazer, or statement accessory of sorts. This third piece adds more cohesiveness to any outfit and in my opinion, is especially important when styling le baby bump. It wraps up your baby bump from front to back usually and makes dressing easier and more comfortable!

You guys know I have been raving about this Hatch poncho/shawl. I wear it ALL the time when I am not in the blazer mood. See it in this maternity fashion blogpost here.

I personally like a more tailored third piece (i.e a blazer) to give shape to my oversized maternity dresses and outfits. Unless its my poncho. hehe. Overall, three pieces look more complete than just a top and a bottom and is a great way to make dressing your bump much easier!

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Shop my favorite third pieces here:

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  1. March 2, 2020 / 3:11 pm

    yesssss love ALL of these looks!!! can’t believe pregnancy is basically over! eeeeeee.

    xx reb