The Magic of Organization with The Container Store

Whether you are struggling to get organized or struggling to maximize your space, The Container Store has options for everyone at a variety of price points and styles! Read on to find out more about how I achieved my organization and storage goals with The Container Store.

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My Home: Moving weeks Before Giving Birth

When we moved into our house a little over a year ago, I had my son Phoenix weeks later. As you can imagine, organizing my office wasn’t my #1 priority and has been a mixture of packed and unpacked ever since Phoenix’s arrival. That is, until the Container Store came to the rescue and opened a store here in Richmond, VA in March 2021!

Organizing is a doozy for anyone and if you know me, it’s a doozy for especially me. I am one of those “recovering” disorganized people who would have papers strewn all over their desk and know where everything is etc. so it was such a breath of fresh air to get to work with the Container Store (who is kind of like the organizing fairy godmother!) in my space for this local store opening!

Organizing feels Good Even for a Disorganized Gal

the container store cathclaire

Benefits of organization in my life are plentiful and range from increased personal productivity and life balance to helping me set and achieve my goals. While it takes me longer than most to get organized, when I do, the energy in the area of organization undoubtedly shifts and this project with Container Store was a mega energetic shift!

Meeting with Container Store: Maximizing Space in my Cape Cod & Beauty Product Storage

I live in a Cape Cod and my office is on the second floor leaving minimal straight up and down wall space. To say it has been challenging to maximize (and organize) my space would be an understatement. The Container Store jumped right in with their design team and gave me several options for use of their Elfa system in my space and tips on storage & organization essentials that come in a variety of styles and price points. This was a magical relief!

When Rebecca and I met with the design team for our projects, I laid out my goals for my space stressing that I needed a place to organize & store my beauty products. Working as a blogger, their is one thing I am always receiving from PR companies and that is beauty products. I wanted a space that would foster a better storage system for me to review and post about beauty products in a more efficient way without looking too cluttered.

The Container Store Magic

the container store blog review
acrylic beauty storage cathclaire

In the photos, you can see how the Elfa system – which is one of The Container Store’s four exclusive custom closet lines – achieved my goal of beauty organization and storage with these white shelves. Not only do the Elfa shelves give me way more space for beauty storage but The Container Store accessories give me beautiful ways to organize my beauty products in as well. From the lacquered black boxes that come in several different sizes to the acrylic storage towers that make me feel like I am living in a high end department store, I think The Container Store really helped me nail my goal!

Bonus: Additional Styling Space

the container store acrylic bookends
purse organizers the container store cathclaire
black lacquered boxes the container store

Since I was able to maximize my space so well in terms of beauty organization and storage with The Container Store accessories, I also had additional room on my shelves to store some of my favorite shoes, purses, and books. How chic are these Russel Hazel Acrylic Bookends? I really love that their was space on these shelves to add some cathclaire styling moments that really make this space feel like my own! Check out our post on The Crystal Press to see how Rebecca maximized her loft space with the help of The Container Store.

In Need of Some Organizing and Storage Magic?

If you have The Container Store near you, I encourage you to check it out if you are in need of some organization and storage in your life! And Richmond, head to The Container Store in Short Pump – we are lucky to have them in town. You can always find The Container Store at their website here for online shopping!

This post was sponsored by The Container Store, all opinions are my own.


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