The Human Design Manifestor Effect with Kaitlyn Kaerhart

I had the opportunity to chat with Professional Numerologist, Author, Musician, and fellow HD Manifestor: Kaitlyn Kaerhart on the Manifest with Cathclaire podcast and am pumped to share it with you guys! Listen to the episode here.

manifest with cathclaire podcast
kaitlyn kaerhart manifest with cathclaire podcast

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It was so easy to talk with her during this episode, it felt like I was picking up the phone and talking to an old friend. Connecting with her has been a reminder of why I love Instagram and the connections the app can foster when used with that intention! (Gosh, Intention really is everything!)

Some of my favorite takeaways from our high-vibe conversation together on the Manifest with Cathclaire podcast:

  1. Exercise is so good for our energy body and the spirit. I love to think of exercise in this particular way as a means to shift from the thought patterns of “trying to burn calories.”
  2. Kaitlyn shared a great affirmation she is currently working with: “My being-ness and my words are conduits of miraculous healing. They are highly valuable and highly compensated.”JASMOON
  3. When you feel your thoughts bouncing around like a pink pong ball and unable to focus, before blaming it on the usual ADHD – open your focus to the possibility of your Attention to a Higher Dimension.
  4. Planning out alone time is a plan. Alone time can be “what you are doing.”
  5. Over-identifying with any modality is limiting. Tools such as birth charts, numerology, Human Design Charts, and beyond are just that: tools. Use them to help you navigate your life in ways that are empowering and keep you in the driver seat vs becoming a victim to what they say you are or aren’t. If you start identifying more with what someone/a teacher/or a chart says you are over your own intuition, take a break so that you can start valuing your own voice again.

Be sure to check out Kaitlyn’s book “You are the Cosmic Code: Essential Numerology,” her Instagram for tons of free tips on how to figure out and relate to your personal Numerology, her Personal Year Numerology Planners AND her new music that just dropped today here.

manifest with cathclaire podcast
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