The Candle that Smells like Diptyque Baies for Half the Price

If you are like anyone I know, I am sure you love the smell of the cult favorite candle – Baies by Diptyque. Take it from someone who has bought this Diptyque candle a dozen or so times, I have found one that smells just as delightful and is half the price!

diptyque baies dupe

There isn’t many purchases that can upgrade your space or your state of mind quite like the perfect, luxurious candle. Before we go further, let me be clear – luxury to me is not synonymous with expensive. My favorite candle for years was the Threshold Jasmine candle from Target (until they stopped selling it a few months ago, the NERVE!) and it rang it at 12 dollars or so.

Other personal shopping tips:

Have I proven that I am down to earth and just have great taste regardless of price? JK.

Anyways. When my friend sent me the link to this Maison Louise Marie Antidriss Cassis candle claiming it smells just like Diptyque’s Baies candle – I didn’t even blink before I ordered it online. Maison Louis Marie is half the price of a Diptqyue candle and for someone who burns candles DAILY, like – every, single, day – price is important.

I am beyond thrilled to tell you that this candle resembles the scent of Baies! I will be re-ordering without a doubt.

Other candles I am loving right now:

Please send any other lovely candles my way. I am a damsel in distress since Target discontinued my go-to Jasmine candle!

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