t3 Micro: The Curling Wand I Use Everyday

t3 micro is a high tech hairstyling tool company that makes styling your hair not only fun but easy and the whirl trio is what I use everyday.

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I never knew how to curl my hair in a way that I felt proud of growing up. I tried sleeping in curlers, using hot curlers, and a wide range of different curling irons and I just couldn’t make it work! I am convinced that is because T3 Micro didn’t come out until 2003 and the curling irons I used were not user friendly. I swear, before t3 micro, every time I curled my hair myself or asked for curls in the salon, I came out looking – as my friend Rebecca would say – “like a poodle!”

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Since I have started using this t3 micro Twirl Trio, you will rarely see me without curls or waves in my hair. I guess you could say it is now my “lewk.” The twirl trio comes with an interchangeable base and 3 different size wands for a variety of different styles. While I have other wands, I usually stick to the 1 inch barrel for my hairstyling. You can watch me do my hair on my Reels on Instagram here but what I usually do is curl my hair away from my face (yes on both sides and no I don’t alternate, I do them all one way) and leave the ends straight. On the off chance that my ends are looking a little bent, I get out my straightener and straighten those puppies right out. I am a big fan of the wavy bend with a straight end.

t3 micro curling iron trio

T3 has other cool product features that I enjoy. First of all, it heats up super fast and has 5 heat settings that will curl your hair in seconds. For all of those forgetful ladies who torment themselves after doing their hair, wondering if they unplugged all of their styling tools before they left the house (IT ME!) – fear not. This t3 styling tool has a one hour shut off safety feature. What a relief, right? Like I mentioned earlier, the interchangeable barrel is awesome because whether your style changes or your hair grows, you can purchase a different kind of barrel without having to replace your entire wand!

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