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Obviously, I am not a doctor so consult yours before taking any of these supplements for your immune system or postpartum. For me – each of these supplements helped (and continue to help) me with my postpartum recovery.

  • Lypo-spheric Vitamin C, Glutathione, and B-Complex : LivOn laboratories has insane technology that delivers these important vitamins to your body in an improved, effective, and patented way – just the way your cells need them. Since I have been taking their vitamins, I’ve never felt better. Check out the Livon Labs blog for more reading on the science as to why each vitamin is good for you and your immune system. B-Complex / Glutathione / Vitamin-C
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  • Vital Proteins Collagen Coconut Milk Creamer Supplement: I look forward to adding this collagen creamer to my frothed coconut milk in my coffee every morning since I had Phoenix. Collagen promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails. When I purchased this supplement postpartum, I specifically did so for my vagina healing. I did tear and I figured if collagen is good for skin, its good for all skin, including your vag. I healed in record time and I 100% recommend a collagen supplement to anyone postpartum if their doctor okays it! Whether you had a C-section birth or a vaginal birth, healing your skin is important and Vital Proteins is a great collagen supplement to help if you ask me.
  • Lysine: If you ask any of my friends, they know that I think Lysine is the cure all for just about everything. I don’t know when I started getting on the lysine train – but its been years – and I’m positive it was a recommendation from Inphinite Wellness. Lysine is another great supplement, an amino acid, to help promote skin health. So yes, I doubled up on my usual Lysine in take to help my vagina skin. There, I said it again. LOL
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  • Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA: Per the recommendation of my OBGYN and Phoenix’s pediatrician, I continued to take my prenatal Vitamin D for my healing and for Phoenix since I am breastfeeding. He obviously doesn’t get much sun so this helps to make sure he gets the Vitamin D he needs and that I keep both of our immune systems strong during this special time.
  • Garden of Life Prenatal: Full of all the good stuff, I am continuing to take my Prenatal vitamin as well. I mentioned Garden of Life in some of my posts on pregnancy as well here.
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  • Rubimed Homeopathic Medicine: I have been on a Rubimed regimen with Inphinite Wellness since the beginning of 2019. I cannot express how much my work with Inphinite Wellness and these drops have improved my physical and emotional health. I am continuing this regimen more consistently postpartum because emotional health is especially important for any new momma! Check out Inphinite Wellness (Ana Raika) for more details on this protocol or book an appointment with her!

So there you have it, folks – the supplements that I have been using to support my (and baby Phoenix’s) health during my postpartum recovery.

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