Home Decor: Sunroom Progress Pt 1

cathclaire sunroom home decor

The sunroom was one of the biggest selling points when we first toured at our house back when it was still on the market. Everyone loves natural light and this room has tons of it. Two of the walls are windows and it opens up the house so much.

That being said, this room needed some work to make our vision come to life.

*If I am being completely honest, my biggest inspiration for this room was the above Logan Grey Boucle Couch from CB2. I saw it and immediately fell in love with how livable it is, while still looking like a piece of art. It is my favorite piece of furniture in the house right now. *

When we purchased the house, the floor consisted of wall to wall carpet over vinyl. We took up these original floors to lay down marble tile. I knew I was taking a risk picking this kind of tile for a sunroom instead of a kitchen or bathroom but I am so happy we did! The way the light reflects off of the tiles is so dreamy.

marble tile floor sunroom decor

The walls in the sunroom were grey and we decided to paint the two walls and the trim around the windows black. I wanted the windows to be the main focal point when you walked into the room and the black walls did exactly that. It’s as if the wall isn’t even there.

paint sunroom home decor cathclaire
before the black paint
cathclaire sunroom decor
after the black paint

Next, because these windows are so big – we needed to add curtains. We added a double curtain rod with black sheer curtains and black velvet curtains. Talk about a sexy combination with marble floors.

cathclaire sunroom home decor
you can see the double curtains here

Another aspect I love about this sunroom is the brick wall. It gives the room such a unique vibe, especially with the marble floor. In part two, I will share how we finished decorating this room. We have a credenza on the way and are in the process of picking out a rug and coffee table.

cathclaire home decor

Stay tuned for more home decor and sunroom progress!

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