Spicy & Crunchy Air Fried Chick Peas

These air fried chick peas are divine. Super crispy, spicy and a tad salty – think replacement for french fries and feeling super skinny after you eat them. This recipe is inspired by one of my favorite Richmond restaurants Secco, that recently closed. I went by memory of what they tasted like and honestly, I think I nailed it. Spicy, crispy, and healthy chick peas? Sign me UP.

spicy chick pea air fryer recipe blog

My body feels so much better when I prioritize getting protein from lean proteins such as garbanzo beans, quinoa, fish etc. In this case, garbanzo beans are PACKED with nutrients and protein so I can eat them, enjoy them, and feel amazing after.

Here is EXACTLY what I did to make these fabulous air fryed chick peas I am now addicted to:

  1. Rinse 2 cans of Wegmans Organic Garbanzo Beans (15 oz) (If you don’t use Instacart for all things Wegmans, what are you even doing?)
  2. Don’t worry about drying them off – or at least I didn’t lol
  3. Transfer to bowl and coat in avocado oil. The more oil, the crispier.
  4. To taste: add sea salt & pepper.
  5. Turn Air Fryer on to 390 degrees
  6. Cook for 13 mins (or til desired crispiness)
  7. Before you take out of Air Fryer, add cayenne pepper & red pepper flakes. Close lid to let marinate for a min or so.
  8. Take out of air fryer & top with lemon juice

spicy air fryer chick peas recipe blog

Here is a picture of me right after I rinsed the chick peas. You can see it in my eyes, I knew my baby chick peas were gunna be a REAL hit. I also sang to them while cooking them, so if you are into that kinda thing – I highly recommend singing to your chick peas too.

Lots of love, Cath


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