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How do you self-care? Add Necessaire to your self care ritual and make it more powerful with these tips from cathclaire. Use CATHCLAIRE10 for 10% off your Nécessaire purchase this weekend only.

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It is hard to doubt that self care is trendy AF. This phrase is thrown around by influencers all over the internet (myself included) and is the name of several popular songs (I have a soft spot for the Mac Miller one) to give you an idea.

IMO self care has gotten kind of watered down and dare I say an excuse to do whatever I want. For example:

Happy hour instead of the gym? *self care*

Chocolate over a healthy snack? *self care*

Too tired to put lotion on after the shower? * DILLIGAF, self care*

Don’t get me wrong, I strongly support that we each create our own realities but at what point does the lazy thing just become lazy and not self care? Sometimes the hard, disciplined thing is actually the self care our human self and our soul self need, ya know?

Clearly, I am writing this post for a reminder to myself to do the hard thing and while doing so, intentionally noticing that it is just as much self care as any convenient indulgence.

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Self care means something different to everyone and if you’re like me, the definition is constantly evolving as your *self* does. I think we can all agree that rituals are a form of self care, whether that means a yoga class, skincare, quality time with friends and family, meditation, or a celebratory glass of wine.

The self care ritual I am highlighting today is routine use of high quality skin care with Néessaire. They have a well curated line of body products and I have had the pleasure of trying three: Fragrance Free Body Lotion, Bergamot Body Wash, and Bergamot (weekly) Exfoliator. I am a lover of fragrance so I balked at the fragrance free lotion until I put it on my skin.

It is so delicious!

That may sound like a weird way to describe lotion – but if you’ve tried it, you will know what I mean. Another plus of fragrance free lotion? Don’t worry about it clashing with your perfume of that day! This was another benefit I have learned during my time using Nécessaire body products.

I love the Nécessaire Bergamot scrub and body wash. It hasn’t left my shower and TBH, I have used almost the entire bottle of the body wash in a short time. You could say I am overdoing it a tad…but I promise it’s out of pure appreciation!

The ritual of using your skincare is a version of self care and can get even more high vibe if you intentionally say good things to your body while doing so! Next time you apply your favorite lotion or body wash – thank your body for getting you around without complaining, for the breath, for the experience of living – the list goes on and on. If this isn’t your version of self care, you can use this tip in whatever ritual you prefer by being intentional with your thoughts during your preferred method.

Watch how a simple self care ritual transforms into something very powerful.

If you are interested in trying Nécessaire, I have a 10% off code for you guys that is valid this weekend only! Use the code CATHCLAIRE10 at checkout with this link and give this self care ritual a whirl.

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