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Redecorating spaces in your home can be time consuming, overwhelming, and regardless of your budget – expensive. If your style is always evolving like mine, probably even more expensive. That being said : consider redecorating with Desenio Wall Art for a great solution to updating your home space without doing a big interior design project.

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If there is one thing I know for SURE about myself, it is that I am always changing. These shifts can show up in all kinds of ways for me personally. From the way I think to the way I dress, at the ripe age of 34 – I have learned to give myself permission and room to change and evolve.

This epiphany may not read as profound as it felt to me the day I gave myself the permission slip to be perfectly imperfect but if it did, I hope you give yourself the same permission.

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I keep this awareness in mind whenever I am decorating a space for myself. Instead of letting my (now) well known tendency to change push me into procrastination and indecision like the old days, I make a choice for decor knowing that I will want to change it down the line. There is freedom in flexibility and that is exactly why I love Desenio Wall Art.

When it comes to redecorating, you don’t need to bring in the professionals and redo all the bulky pieces. You can make your space feel brand new with new home accents – like wall art. I LOVE the pieces I just got from Desenio to match the current home decor and manifesting vibes I am feeling in this season of life. Not only is their wall art budget friendly but they are also always updating their catalogue for new and stylish options for your home!

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This big “As a Feather” wall art print is my favorite this time around. It is larger than life and is such a great reminder of the power of thought. If you align your thoughts effectively with where you are going before taking action, the inspired action has the ability to feel like flying. What better reminder is there to make the effort to manifest your reality than a big print of a feather in my favorite bathroom in my house? I also love how this large print makes my bathroom feel bigger, too.

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Desenio Wall Art Cathclaire Blog IMG_1521

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am having a major pink moment. I loved pink through my teenage years (didn’t we all?) but as I have grown in my personal style – I stuck to posh neutrals. Does that give you context of how big of a deal my pink moment is? It is also a testament to my always changing, lol. I like my space to reflect me, especially in my office, so I couldn’t resist this hot pink martini art print for my shelves. There is something so luxe about this vibe and I want to be surrounded by luxe vibes while I work and put my services out into the world!

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If you haven’t had a glass of champagne in a bubble bath, let me cut to the chase and tell you it’s divine. Something about drinking bubbles and sitting in bubbles is ultimate relaxation and that is exactly what I feel when I look at this print from Desenio. I couldn’t resist this Bubbles & Bubbles wall print for one of our bathrooms!

cathclaire lifestyle blog desenio wall art

If you are looking for a way to spice up you decor, check out Desenio for Wall Art. There are so many different options and I promise, there is something for everyone. Make your space just how you want it without breaking the bank or fear of not being able to change it! XO, Cath

Thank you Desenio for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


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