Photo Journal: My Quarantine Birthday

When it comes to having a Quarantine birthday, one needs to get creative. While I would have loved to partied with all of my loved ones and gotten a spa treatment or 10, that wasn’t in the cards for moi this year. Staying at home was my only choice but we sure as hell made the best of it, thanks to all fo the best friends and family a girl could ask for. Here is a photo journal of my quarantine birthday and all of the gifts and moments I’ll cherish forever!

Fielding birthday calls with baby Phoenix in my birthday eve outfit, to trot around the house in LOL

I got my first postpartum (other than yoga) workout in to start my personal new year off right. I did week one of Jason Walsh’s Rise Movement workout and I legit almost threw up after. I can barely walk today. To my surprise, as soon as I finished my workout – I opened my front door to my favorite smoothie from North End Juice Co sent to me by one of my best friends Tiona, all the way from LA. The timing could not have been more perfect. #quarantinetreats
Flu Fighter birthday smoothie from North End Juice Co.
It’s a birthday eve tradition to review my journal for the past year and set my intentions for the coming one. Read my tips for keeping a consistent journaling practice here.

Between my husband, family, bffs and sister (you know who you are!!), I was showered with flowers, cupcakes, gifts, and all of the ingredients for birthday Aperol Spritz. Who says you can’t birthday during quarantine?

Oh, and my favorite wine of all time: Atlantique. It is the best rose I have ever had IMO.
I have taken this candle with me from room to room because I can’t be without the scent wherever I am in my house. Ordering more ASAP. Thank you Reb!

While a quarantine birthday may be limited and unique, nothing beats being quarantined with my favorite little guy of all time – Phoenix Michael. He made my birthday more special than I ever imagined. Thank you to everyone for your beautiful posts (esp the one of TCP), instagram stories, food, wine, gifts, notes, and love in general. This birthday was amazing despite the circumstances because of each and every one of you. XO Cath


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