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  • On the Internet with Cathclaire: No. 1

    On the Internet with Cathclaire: No. 1
  • My 7 Tiny Tattoos and What They Mean

    My 7 Tiny Tattoos and What They Mean
  • Chic Black Flats for Summer

    Chic Black Flats for Summer
  • Summer Style Staples

    Summer Style Staples

Roan if You Want to

Roan (noun): A realm of color, pattern, and texture that is never the same, never dulls, and has unlimited possibility. Richmond peeps, have you been to Roan in Carytown? If you haven’t, you need to get there. From one of a kind dresses for a special occasion to the perfect outfit for a drink at…

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Fan Girl

If there is the best time to be in fashion for a blogger duo like The Crystal Press, I would have to say it is Spring/Summer fashion week in September when the weather is just right in NYC. Rebecca and I are still learning the ropes of this enchanting time of…

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Blush Tones + The Clean Program

Blush tones are usually something I balk at, but I have been seeing them all over the blogosphere – and what can I say, I am persuaded. Ok thats a lie, the real reason I am into blush tones is because of the Glossier packaging. Let’s face it, a girl…

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Live-in Culottes

I hope everyone had the best holiday weekend! I spent mine celebrating one of my best friends at her bachelorette party. A bunch of fabulous girls from NYC, Maryland, and Charlotte gathered in RVA for a fun-filled bachelorette weekend and I have to say, I had so much fun showing off…

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Thursday To Do’s

The moon must be doing something weird because lately I feel like I can barely keep up with my to-do list. You know those times when you write your to-dos down, but on different lists and then you less than ideally misplace them? That’s me rn. Between fashion week prep,…

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