On Trend Flare Plants from Target Under $30

Flare pants are on trend in a big way and have been making a comeback since last year. If you want to bring back this trend in your own wardrobe, grab a pair of flare pants at Target for under $30.

cathclaire target fashion under 30$

Like most, it has been awhile since I have been in a Target dressing room. They have been closed for months due to the pandemic and once the fitting rooms opened back up, my son Phoenix had become way too mobile to be trusted in a dressing room. I can see it now: him climbing underneath the dressing room door to escape and me chasing him through the store barely dressed. Not exactly a vibe, ya know?

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My outfit in this post is Target from head to toe (ok – more like neck to ankle, hat is Lack of Color and shoes are the star ASOS ones I can’t find similar ones of anywhere! ) – bra, pants, & shacket.

The Target odds were in my favor when I bought this outfit because Phoenix was at home with Kev AND the dressing rooms were open. I saw these women’s sparkly flare pants and my heart soared. But then it kinda sank because I was like: I have no idea how these are going to look, I haven’t worn flare pants since college. Since popping out a baby. I haven’t worn flare pants since, well, a lot of things.

cathclaire fashion target flare pants

cathclaire target flare pants 30 dollars
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Luckily, the trusty pant style I grew up admiring and wearing proudly didn’t let me down and when I put these sparkly pants on – my heart soared. These are so fun and would be great for just about any occasion. I’ve worn them with my go-to Madeworn T-shirts and they would be perfect with your favorite holiday sweater. Dress ’em up or dress ’em down – just don’t snag them on anything. But hey, they are 20 bucks and they serve their purpose: adding sparkles to my wardrobe and reminding me that we can ALL rock the flare pants trend.

How cute is this cord shirt jacket (shacket, duh) from Target? $35 !!!! I have no idea what has been going on with the color pink and I lately, but the color black is starting to get a little jealous. Must be something in the air!

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