Note to Self: Be Bold

Note to self: Go for it, be bold, go all in.

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2020 came with a lot of lessons, in all different shapes and sizes, for all of us. We learned that life has no guarantees and that life is short.

In one of my recent Instagram posts, I riffed on something that has been on my mind: the importance of being bold.

Often, I hear people tell me things like “Oh, but I couldn’t wear that” or “That is too much for me.”

My response is always: Be “too much.” Don’t spend your valuable life on this planet being a watered down version of yourself.

Put on the crown.

Wear the dress.

Rock that red lipstick.

Whether it’s “too much” makeup or “too much” of an outfit for the occasion, do & wear what you want. The people you are too much for are NOT your people.

Thanks for never thinking I’m too much and for your constant support. Here is to being too much together, bbs.

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