My Go-To Drugstore Beauty Products

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As much as I enjoy upscale beauty products, I’d be lying if I didn’t reveal that I also have a soft spot for several drugstore beauty products……that I almost ALWAYS have on hand. Yes, fancy body wash is oh-so-fun but I love to use my Aveeno Stress Relief body wash. The smell is so nostalgic to me because I have been using it for years and sometimes you just can’t beat the way it lathers, ya know what I mean?

Also included in this drugstore beauty roundup (most of these products can be found at your local drugstore or Target) is Heritage Rose Water with Glycerin, Weleda Skin Food, Dr. Teal’s Himalyan Salt bath (this stuff is amaze for your skin + mood!), the Eco Tools (handheld) Dry Brush, and Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub in Moroccan Rose. I go through this sugar scrub like crazy! What are you favorite drugstore beauty products? C’mon, I know you have some.

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