My Favorite Pants for Postpartum Me

Postpartum means something different for everyone and for me, it means a tad bigger while I lose my baby weight and that the number one priority for pants is COMFORT. Whether it has been a few weeks and you need all the comfort for your under carriage or its been a couple months and you are chasing your little one around constantly, comfort and stretch are a necessity when it comes to jeans for the postpartum bod, according to me.

postpartum pants cathclaire

Was that run on sentence? Probably.

As I have been dressing myself since baby #1 (feel free to indulge in my no bullshit birth story here), I have been experimenting with all kinds of shapes and styles of pants. I have a few pre-baby pants I am loving still but for the most part, I am in the market for new ones. Like any *online* shopping trip, I want to look good and FEEL good, maybe more than ever.

I have experimented with denim from GRLFRND, Good American, J-Brand, AGOLDE, and sweatpants from Free City.

The Free City sweatpants were an immediate win. Not only are they nostalgic because of my DEEP love for Free-City-Sweatpant-Wearing-Jessica-Simpson in the early 2000s but they are the perfect purchase for not only sitting on the couch but leaving the house as well. Imagine that, right? Dress them up with a pair of heels like I did here or wear them just as you would your favorite Lululemon legging with your sneakers and boom, your chic AF.

cathclaire postpartum pants

Once we got into the skinny jeans and denim pants, things got a little bit more tricky. Mama has a little bit more curve now so a stretch denim blend is a MUST, esp for any skinny pants. If I am doing a wide leg denim, stretch isn’t as important and I came to these conclusions relatively quickly.

My favorite skinny jeans/pants right now? These lace up black ones from Good American. They are so comfy and make me feel GOOD. I highly recommend them for anyone postpartum or anyone really.

cathclaire postpartum fashion blog
Taken from my half-birthday date night out for my Instagram post on @cathclaire

Another quality I have been enjoying in my journey to the perfect “postpartum pants” is a good high waist. It reminds me to continue to use my abs that I 100% forgot how to use during pregnancy and makes me feels skinnier, so winning all around.

Shop my favorite postpartum pants here:

What do you look for in pants postpartum? What are your faves? LMK bbs!

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  1. Megan Fazel
    November 25, 2020 / 4:17 pm

    I can completely relate to your post baby struggles and was so happy to find this article. I am having a hard time finding the links to the clothes that worked for you after you said โ€œfind them here:โ€ I might be completely missing it but would you mind letting me know if you got the leggings or the jeans from good American.

    • cathclaire
      January 6, 2021 / 8:30 pm

      I am SO sorry Megan, I just saw this comment! I actually just found the Good American pants ON SALE on south moon under if you are still in the market for them. Here is the link: https://bit.ly/3pLjFUE

      Happy shopping and thank you so much for stopping by my page and for you comment, lots of love!<3

  2. Christina
    March 14, 2021 / 12:04 am

    Hi! I’ve just discovered human design which led me to your website and to your blog. I had to reach out as the star platform shoes you are wearing in that top photo are a dream come true for me!! Can I ask what brand/where you got them from? I’ll be reaching out for chart reading details shortly too ๐Ÿ™‚