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I’ve been thinking about doing a blog post about my favorite binge-worthy TV shows since I got pregnant because binge-ing TV had become a bigger part of my life staying in with my bump (baby Phoenix wink wink) for 10 months. In true cathclaire fashion – my baby is already here aka pregnancy is very much over – but now that we are all faced with extensive time indoors amidst all of this social distancing – I couldn’t put off publishing this any longer!

My taste in TV is admittedly not the best or most refined by any means. I don’t watch the tube often but when I do – I gravitate to uber girly shows and/or TV shows that make me feel good. Like really good. LOL. So, if this is your vibe – read on for my favorite binge-worthy TV shows worth watching during this time of social distancing and staying safe!

cathclaire blog binge-worthy tv shows

In no particular order:

Parenthood (available on Netflix): Originally aired on NBC, just about every single episode of this six season adventure with the Braverman family kept me wishing for the next. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the season finale for MONTHS because I was in complete denial that my journey with Parenthood and the Bravermans was coming to an end. Whenever anyone asks me for a show to binge-watch, Parenthood is always the first thing that comes out of my mouth!

Billions (available on Showtime): I’ve referenced my obsession with Billions on Showtime a million times on my @cathclaire Instagram. In fact, my collaboration on Instagram with Rebubble featuring Billions gear is one of my faves of 2019. It is 3 seasons and a true TV delicacy. The wealth , influence, corruption and glamour of this show get me every time. I am team Wendy and Wags, but all of the characters on Billions are iconic in different ways. Tune in and let me know what you think!

Young and Hungry (available on Netflix and Hulu) : Originally aired on Freeform, this fun loving, pee-your-pants hilarious show caught my attention when it popped up as “recommended for you” on Neflix. The synopsis mentioned being centered around a food blogger named Gabi and of course, that peaked my interest. After two episodes, I was all in and binge-watching Young + Hungry and in a full on STATE when I realized I finished all the episodes without knowing it until it was too late. We all know how that goes….

High Fidelity: (available on Hulu) TV adaptation of the 1995 Nick Hornby’s novel featuring Zoe Kravitz and Kingsley Ben-Adir (one of my favorite characters from the OA on Netflix). High Fidelity is a new show on Hulu that follows Rob (short for Robin), a super cool girl who owns a record shop in Brooklyn, and her musings on heartbreak and relationships. There is only one season but I really enjoyed this show and all of the music it features.

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Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: (available on Amazon prime) THIS SHOW ALWAYS PUTS A BIG FAT SMILE ON MY FACE. Based in the late 50s and from the producers of Gilmore Girls (which, I will admit – I never watched), this show follows Midge Maisel who is a firecracker in every sense of the word. Her husband leaves her and she takes up comedy, a not-so-common line of work for a woman back then. She is absolutely hilarious and let’s just say it has won a lot of awards for a BIG reason.

Veronica Mars : I don’t if there is anyone on this planet that is not a fan of Kristen Bell and this show is Kristen Bell mania. She plays the daughter of a PI in well-to-do, yet completely fictional Neptune, Ca. Once you pop, you won’t stop. And to make it even sweeter, there is a recent season of Veronica Mars that made all of us super-fans super happy that came out last year. Yes, the first season originally aired in 2004.

Younger: TV Land, Hilary Duff, need I say more? Six seasons deep and full of all of the NYC energy we all need in our lives, this show has all the vibes I adore: great love stories, just the right amount of drama, and great lewks. Between the publishing world and the Brooklyn scene, I dig all of the details of this show and like I said: Hilary Duff.

The Bold Type – (Available on Hulu) This is my current binge. I just started being capable of putting Phoenix down into our Halo Bassinet for an hour or so. What do I do during this time to relax and enjoy myself in bed, right next to his bassinet? I watch The Bold Type. It is about three girls working at a fashion magazine in NYC called Scarlet. Think an updated Sex and the City with a little more cheesy story lines. What can I say? I cannot get enough.

Reckless – (available on Netflix) Okay, I don’t know if this qualifies as an actual “binge-worthy” show because there is only one season but I looooved when I found this show based in South Carolina following a lovely lady lawyer – Jamie Sawyer – and her rival, oh-so-hot Cam Gigandet. Do I have any other Cam fans out there? Maybe it was my twilight obsession but I went through a BIG phase of being a super fan of his and that is how I found this show. It aired in 2014 and on CBS.

I am sure there are some feel good binge-worthy tv shows that I am leaving out so leave me your faves below or shoot me a message! I am always looking for a good show, especially these days. Whether its because I am quarantined or breast feeding or just needing an escape, a good show is always a good idea.

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