My 12 Newborn Essentials for Baby Phoenix’s First Few Weeks

While I could do a blogpost on what my baby registry (and maybe I will!), I wanted to first give you guys a breakdown of what I consider essential for the first few weeks of having a newborn. I’m talking tried and true products I have used, over and over and over.

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Snuggle Me Organic: While Phoenix has no desire to be put down – he does enjoy kicking around in his snuggle me. I usually get an average of 15 minutes of him having fun in this before he gives up and wants me to pick him up. Current mood: I have no problem with this.

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Halo Sleep Sack : My Aunt Theresa gifted me this and honestly, to say Phoenix has loved it would be the understatement of 2020. It has made all the difference in his sleep schedule and I couldn’t be more thankful for this invention or this gift. The first time I put it on him, he was trying to get out of it – as if the sleep sack was a straight jacket. He calmed down after a few minutes and went immediately to sleep. It has been part of our bedtime routine ever since and keeps him from waking himself up with the new born startles. HIGHLY recommend. I am convinced a sleep sack is just as effective as the Snoo, minus the $1200 price tag.

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Wipe Warmer : When I bought this wipe warmer as part of my last minute nesting Target run, I started to think my shopaholic self was just going into overdrive. I texted my friend/and photog Kaytee Lauren who has a baby as well, asking if I was going completely overboard with the purchases ie – getting a superfluous wipe warmer. She assured me it was one of her best purchases. I CONCUR. Such a game changer for diaper changers – and one of baby P’s favorite luxuries of coming home. He squealed so loud with ice cold wipes.

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The wipe warmer is pictured above next to the cactus

Magnetic Me Onesie : for the first couple of nights of getting used to sleeping with a newborn, these magnetic onesies are a game changer. No exhausting buttons on button in the middle of the night after a diaper change, just quick magnets that you can throw together in a jiffy. I LOVE THESE and am so grateful for the magnetic onesie invention.

Nisolo Lori Tote (perfect diaper bag) + matching leather accessories (Rosa pouch + Luisa Envelope clutch ): Not only are these Nisolo leather products absolutely beautiful and soft as ever, but they are extremely functional for my new life with a newborn. The tote bag is so chic and perfect for a diaper bag around the house or on the go. I keep both of the small black leather accessories in the bag – the pouch for keeping track of small things for baby Phoenix – and the clutch for all things wallet related. That way, if I am running out the door and don’t need everything – I can just grab my Luisa Envelope clutch and be on my way! Beautiful efficiency is key with a new baby and I love that Nisolo products provide just that. Read more about Nisolo and how I much I love their products in my blogpost here.

Nisolo Rosa Pouch and Luisa Envelope Clutch
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Nisolo Lori Tote

Burp Cloths : This 4 pk of burp clothes from Cloud Island are super soft and made of a breathable fabric. I always have one on hand. Sometimes two.

Elvie Breast Pump : Where do I begin with how awesome this pump is? When my nipples were bleeding in the first 2 weeks of breast feeding, I was able to pump with the Elvie breast pump despite my insane sensitivity with no problem at all. I could not be more thankful for this SILENT (yes, I swear) pump that makes pumping super easy and is not in the least painful. I look forward to pumping and I am so grateful for Elvie. They are a great brand and I am honored to be working with them to spread the news about their pump. Use CATHCLAIRE15 for a discount on your Elvie bbs!

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Breast Milk Freezer Bags : I ended up having to pump way earlier than expected because my nipples were bleeding and so painful in the first 2 weeks of breast feeding. And by that I mean, I pumped on the boob that hurt and let Phoenix feed on the boob that was doing well. It is bizarre to think one boob was always feeling better than the other, but, that was the case. Luckily, I had purchased these breast milk freezer bags. I suggest you do the same preemptively, just in case you are in a pinch and need to pump unexpectedly. As Mimi (my mom + lactation consultant) says, don’t waste the liquid gold!!!

Laundress Baby Detergent : We originally chose the Honest laundry detergent but after using it a couple of times, I really really wanted a detergent that was good for baby and also had a baby smell. Thats when I found the Laundress baby detergent and I cannot get enough of it. I love the smell. It’s a mix of baby clouds and lavender. I am so obsessed with it that I use this same detergent on our sheets and it’s just as magical.

laundress cathclaire newborn

Honest Baby Diapers : Trendy for a reason. Phoenix loves these diapers. And I love that they are made of all the good stuff.

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Artipoppe Baby Carrier : I will never be over this baby carrier. See full blogpost on my review of my Zeitgeist Leopard carrier here. It is the perfect functional accessory – whether you are trying to create a chic outfit or get things done around the house with baby in tow. It is made of high quality materials, super comfortable, and has a wide range of fashionable options! Use my link (here) for $55 dollars off your carrier! All you have to do to redeem your discount is click the link + add your favorite carrier to your cart. The discount will automatically be applied <3

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Nuna Pipa Carseat / Stroller : I read lots and lots of reviews of strollers and to be honest, ended up confusing myself. I reached out to my community on Instagram to get feedback on which strollers came recommended. While I had a wide range of recs, the one that I got the most was for the Nuna stroller/carseat set for safety, aesthetics, and weight. The Nuna set is extremely light weight and I am so thankful for that when it is just me and Phoenix roaming around! I can also tell he loves being in his car seat, he looks snug as a comfy bug in there. This is the set I have here.

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I hope this blogpost about my newborn essentials was helpful for you. Whether you are shopping for a friend who is a mom, pregnant, or a mom yourself – this post is for you! I had a hard time finding a good list of things that were necessary and I wanted to make one available for you guys. Lots of love!

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