May Baby

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I have come to the conclusion that one of my “talents” (aka favorite past times) is the mere act of celebrating and I will use just about any excuse to do so. I am a lover of dance floors, birthdays, New Years, Halloween, and well… all holidays. That being said, yesterday was my birthday (May the Fourth be with you, too) and I quickly realized that everyone around me is hugely talented in the celebrating department as well. From my friends and family near and far, to ya’lls sweet messages, my fiancè, Reb, and Buddha the maltipoo – yesterday was surreal and that is just the beginning of, what I know will be, one of the best years of my life.

It is no surprise that birthdays have a distinct way of reminding us of our own humanness and instead of using this reminder as a moment to fear the aging process or whatever the downsides of growing up may be, I intentionally take the time to look back on the past year and the evolution of myself and the people (that means you guys, too!) that have been with me on this journey we call life.

Before I get too introspective or sappy, let me just say that I have come to appreciate the reminder birthdays give me beyond the traditional and sometimes one-dimensional rituals of celebrating another year of life. A reminder to dive just a little bit further into self-growth and take a personal inventory of your past year to reflect on how to show up as <em>your best self</em> for everyone around you. I tend to be one who is always looking forward, but looking back at your progress (social media makes it easy for those of you who don’t journal!) sure sets a great tone for seeing what you as a person are capable of for those you love.


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