Madeworn: American Made Vintage Inspired T-Shirts Worth Every Penny

Meet the vintage inspired t-shirt brand that will leave you wanting to start a collection after you purchase your first one: Madeworn.

made worn fashion vintage tee

I LOVE A GOOD T SHIRT, I mean, who doesn’t right? The perfect t-shirt never goes out of style. You can wear it with your favorite pair of heels, sweatpants, skirt, jean shorts, knee high boots etc and a good t-shirt just gets better with time.

vintage tee made worn review
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Enter one of my newly discovered t-shirt brands: Madeworn. Not only are these tees buttery soft – but they are entirely American made! I love how vibrant the colors are (see the Rolling Stones one I am wearing in these pics) and the selection of prints available on Shopbop. Whether you are a Britney Spears fan, Rolling Stones fan, or a Grateful Dead fan – there is something for everyone!

madeworn tee cathclaire

The idea behind Madeworn – according to designer Blaine Halvorson- is to mimic a shirt that was worn once a week for 20 years. Is that as much music to your ears as it is mine? These tees do exactly that and make me feel instantly cool LOL

cathclaire fashion blog
cathclaire fashion vintage tee

I have my eye on a couple of other Madeworn shirts because I just can’t get over how soft and wearable they are! I think I could wear them everyday. Shop my favorites here:

cathclaire fashion blog

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