Lately: Beauty Products Haul + Review

Ouai Rose Hair + Body Oil: Anything that has a rose scent is usually a go in my book but I LOVE this rose oil from Ouai. My hair tends to be a little on the dryer side since going platinum blonde and TBH, I look forward to putting this oil in my hair. Not only is the smell divine but it also locks in the moisture in my hair without being too greasy. The fact that this oil multi-tasks as a body oil is 5 star if you ask me.

Gucci “Bloom” Perfume: For most perfumes, I have a CLEAR threshold for the number of sprays that I can give myself without inducing a headache or suffocating my peers. (varies by scent of course..) I believe that this Gucci perfume is immune to such a threshold. I have been wearing this scent for months and I could bathe in it aka my number-of-sprays threshold does not apply to this perfume. The blend of Rangoon Creeper (reminiscent of a honey suckle but red and found in Asia), tuberose, and jasmine is one helluva concoction. I am not sure I have ever gotten more compliments on a scent either. Gucci FTW.

Aura Glow by Heritage Store with Jasmine: Whether the claims about this body treatment are true or not, I don’t really care because I am 100% obsessed with this stuff. Not only do I love how the oil soaks into my skin leaving a nice glow without the nasty sticky feeling but I know it lights up my aura. I’m into that kinda thing and especially into it for this low price point.

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