Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Walk for the World: Virginia Group

Read this article on cathclaire for more details about the Walk for the World – Dr. Joe Dispenza Virginia Group

On Sept 23, 2023, Dr. Joe Dispenza conducted his first ever international Walking Meditation with over 100,000 people in over 160 countries. I participated with a group in Virginia and the experience was so moving, meaningful, and powerful. After completing the Walk for the World, my team and I were inspired to create a place on this World Wide Web for other people interested in doing this work to regularly connect in Virginia.

walk for the world dr Joe dispenza

If you are new to Dr. Joe Dispenza, I invite you to check out his books, clips on Youtube, or my personal experience with his work. I also have a podcast episode about my experience at his Advanced Follow Up Retreat in Marco Island here.

dr joe dispenza walk for the world Richmond, va

We will be doing meeting in various places to continue doing Walks for the World in Richmond, Va. If you would like to join us for these Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations, please join this Facebook group for updates.

XO, Cathclaire


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